Dear all,

The World Congress History page of the IPA’s international website has now officially been released.

The page contains a timeline of every WC and IEC that has taken place since its inception in 1955, and in each year you’ll find a list of the Sections that attended, the PEB/IEB members that were elected (where applicable), the dates of the event, and also a link to photo galleries for recent years. This is also accompanied by IPA Israel Secretary General Eran Israel’s ‘IPA Heritage’ video, which showcases footage from these events from the late 1990s.

We are still looking to improve the page by adding more photos from these events. As you can see from the earlier events, we do not have any photos from a large majority of congresses up until the 1990s. If any of you have any relevant photos, we would appreciate it if you could send them to us, and we will then be able to upload them.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we hope you enjoy the page! You can find it at: