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Hello my friends

Some and Some know it, I am the IPA departmental president of the city of Toulouse in addition to being national travel secretary.

I allow myself to ask you to ask for information.

I work in the municipal police of Toulouse and I am in the neighborhoods of our city. We work jointly with a police station of the national police. This weekend, a friend of us policeman was killed. This drama has hurt us a lot.

The situation was as follows: our colleague was in a queue to buy food at the exit of a disco. Apparently two individuals recognized him as policemen and hit him on the neck with an iron bar. Then once on the ground, the two criminals kicked to the death.

Our colleague and friends would become dad in 4 months. He wished to adhere to our association. As a policeman and friend I allow myself to solicit you to make a gift to his wife.

We would borrow a photographic book with pictures of uniformed policemen all around the world accompanied by a word of courage for his wife.

If you have the opportunity to ask colleagues to make a photo I thank you in advance.

In order to be more precise in my approach, I give you the following details:

1 / the name of the policeman killed is Benjamin
2 / The name of his wife is Sarah

Some of you ask me what exactly I am looking for, in fact I would like a picture of a group of policeman in uniform with a small personalized message for his wife.

I would like to do the book tribute before the end of August.

Thanks to you my friends

Thank you also to my Canadian, Portuguese, Russian friends who have already started the requests.

I tell you that the photos of colleagues will have absently not broadcast on the net.



Your friend