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Dear IPA Friends,


This year’s IPA online Music Party will be broadcasted on Tuesday December 14th from 8pm GMT. This year’s DJ is Worn Out Trax and he will be playing great Christmas tunes on the Twitch TV platform.


All you need to do is download the free ‘Twitch TV’ app in advance and then join the event by clicking: http://twitch.tv/wornouttraxx


This is a special event for IPA and is open to every IPA member around the world. Participants can interact with each other and the DJ via the chat function on the app. It was great fun last year, so looking forward to seeing many of you again this year. Please share the attached poster via email and social media with the following instructions:


Download the free ‘Twitch’ App
Click on the link: http://twitch.tv/wornouttraxx
Join the Christmas Music Party on 14/12/21 @ 8pm GMT

Merry Christmas to you all.