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Dear IPA friends

After 38 wonderful years, Denmark's first IPA house the Atriumgården, Søndervig Jutland, has been sold. Takeover took place on 15 July 2018.

The 2018 leases already made continue regarding both contact persons, rent settlements and cash settlements.

We would like to give thanks to the IPA, both nationally and internationally. We have received great organisational support. We would also like to say thank you very much to our many faithful tenants who have visited Atriumgården for many years.


Mikkel Ross


Social and Cultural Commission

Section IPA Denmark

Dear IPA friends,

We are happy and excited to announce that our new website www.ipa-international.org  is now up and running! 

It is of course still early days, and there are a few aspects that need further attention, but we thought the time was right to let you discover the new website yourselves.

In the near future, we will work on getting the National Publications and Interest Group pages functioning and populated, and have many plans, including a picture gallery, as well as extended History and World Congress pages, to name only a few.

Plus there is scope for the Commissions pages to expand significantly.

Our  website benefits tremendously from your contributions, so please keep sending us any of your events you wish advertised internationally – we are happy to upload these for you.

We hope you like the new international website and look forward to your feedback!

Kind regards from

Stephen, Elke, Kerry and Daniel

IPA International Administration Centre

On behalf of IPA Section UK, please find below information on the upcoming Writers’ Seminar at Gimborn. A Flyer and full programme are also attached:

Sean Hannigan the Vice President Section UK IPA looking after the Cultural portfolio is pleased to announce a Writers Seminar which will take place in Gimborn between September the 17th to the 21st 2018.

This is a first for Gimborn and Section UK. The Seminar is open to any IPA member across any Section, but a stipulation is the participant has a good standard of written and spoken English.

The Seminar will be taught by four established IPA Published authors who will cover the following genres:  Crime Writing, Factual Writing, and Fictional writing and Children’s Writing. A well-known Publishing house, Red Door, will deliver part of the Seminar on publishing in general and review options open to writers. The writers will cover topics including: 

  • ·How did I start writing?
  • ·Where did I get my ideas?
  • ·What is research and how do I do it?
  • ·Plot Character and Pace
  • ·Rewrites
  • ·Editing
  • ·Publishers and publishing
  • ·Agents; how to find and keep them 

The cost of the seminar is approximately £310 which includes full board and lodging. There are only 24 places on the seminar. You do not have to have any experience of writing just the will to let your imagination run free.

A similar Writers Seminar in the UK last week at Cambridge cost £350 for the Seminar and £80 per day for food and accommodation so this is incredible value.

Dear all,

On behalf of IPA France, please see below an update regarding some last-minute availability for their IPA house near the centre of Paris.

Full information on this property can be found on page 28 of the IPA Hosting Book (link: IPA-Hosting-Book-June-2018)

These are the dates of availability for the apartment (sleeping 4 persons) for the IPA FRANCE house "Pierre Barbaud".

  • From August 7th to 17th inclusive (apartment 4 persons)
  • From August 22nd to September 4th inclusive (apartment 4 persons)
  • From 6th to 19th of September inclusive (apartment 4 persons)
  • From September 22 to 30 inclusive (apartment for 4 persons)

If you want to book this apartment, please contact Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.Kind Regards, 

Sébastien PROVOST
Secrétaire Général National Adjoint
Secrétariat National IPA FRANCE