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Hello my friends

Some and Some know it, I am the IPA departmental president of the city of Toulouse in addition to being national travel secretary.

I allow myself to ask you to ask for information.

I work in the municipal police of Toulouse and I am in the neighborhoods of our city. We work jointly with a police station of the national police. This weekend, a friend of us policeman was killed. This drama has hurt us a lot.

The situation was as follows: our colleague was in a queue to buy food at the exit of a disco. Apparently two individuals recognized him as policemen and hit him on the neck with an iron bar. Then once on the ground, the two criminals kicked to the death.

Our colleague and friends would become dad in 4 months. He wished to adhere to our association. As a policeman and friend I allow myself to solicit you to make a gift to his wife.

We would borrow a photographic book with pictures of uniformed policemen all around the world accompanied by a word of courage for his wife.

If you have the opportunity to ask colleagues to make a photo I thank you in advance.

In order to be more precise in my approach, I give you the following details:

1 / the name of the policeman killed is Benjamin
2 / The name of his wife is Sarah

Some of you ask me what exactly I am looking for, in fact I would like a picture of a group of policeman in uniform with a small personalized message for his wife.

I would like to do the book tribute before the end of August.

Thanks to you my friends

Thank you also to my Canadian, Portuguese, Russian friends who have already started the requests.

I tell you that the photos of colleagues will have absently not broadcast on the net.



Your friend

Dear all,

The World Congress History page of the IPA’s international website has now officially been released.

The page contains a timeline of every WC and IEC that has taken place since its inception in 1955, and in each year you’ll find a list of the Sections that attended, the PEB/IEB members that were elected (where applicable), the dates of the event, and also a link to photo galleries for recent years. This is also accompanied by IPA Israel Secretary General Eran Israel’s ‘IPA Heritage’ video, which showcases footage from these events from the late 1990s.

We are still looking to improve the page by adding more photos from these events. As you can see from the earlier events, we do not have any photos from a large majority of congresses up until the 1990s. If any of you have any relevant photos, we would appreciate it if you could send them to us, and we will then be able to upload them.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we hope you enjoy the page! You can find it at:


Samuel Dickson, a member of IPA Section UK has kindly offered to accommodate IPA members attending The Open Championship taking place at Royal Portrush Golf Course in Northern Ireland in July.

Please see his message below for further information:

As a member of the IPA of many years standing, I am in a position to offer accommodation for the above event.

I live in Co Down close to Belfast and would have two double bedrooms available plus transport for IPA members each day to The Open. This would be either self-drive or chauffeured whichever is appropriate. Meals can be arranged where necessary.

If there are any interested parties the please let them contact my email address

Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


Sam Dickson

Dear IPA friends,

We are happy and excited to announce that our new website www.ipa-international.org  is now up and running! 

It is of course still early days, and there are a few aspects that need further attention, but we thought the time was right to let you discover the new website yourselves.

In the near future, we will work on getting the National Publications and Interest Group pages functioning and populated, and have many plans, including a picture gallery, as well as extended History and World Congress pages, to name only a few.

Plus there is scope for the Commissions pages to expand significantly.

Our  website benefits tremendously from your contributions, so please keep sending us any of your events you wish advertised internationally – we are happy to upload these for you.

We hope you like the new international website and look forward to your feedback!

Kind regards from

Stephen, Elke, Kerry and Daniel

IPA International Administration Centre