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Dear IPA friends,

For your information, please see below a link to an online training event, the International Law Enforcement Training Summit, from 27-31 July 2020.

The IEB was approached by its director, Adam Kinakin, who extended an invitation to the IPA to take part in this event.

Over 40 top Law Enforcement instructors from multiple countries will deliver this free online training event.

The IEB  have been informed that this summit is run from a zero-profit standpoint, directing any profits made to go to international NPOs that support the mental health of officers around the world.

For further information on how to get free training access, please follow the link:https://www.iletsummit.com/

Kind regards,

Demetris Demetriou

Chairperson Professional Commission

International Police Association

We are happy to inform you that our IPA house in Kempten will open again on the 30th of May 2020.

Kind regards

Yours in friendship

Servo per Amikeco

Rosemarie Müller

(German Section - Administrative Centre)

  • Region 2 (Northern Ireland) Friendship Week, 1st – 8th August 2020, has been cancelled, and they are contacting the participants directly to arrange refunds etc.
  • Region 1 (Scotland) Friendship Week, 8th – 15th August 2020, has been rearranged to the 7th – 14th August 2021. This event was fully booked, and the participants are being given the chance to take part next year before any spaces are opened up.
  • Liverpool & Merseyside Friendship Week, 25th August – 2nd September, has been cancelled and will be rearranged. Further details to be confirmed.
  • Mayflower 400 event , 13th – 20th September 2020, has been cancelled and rearranged for 2021. Further details to be confirmed.

All the information on these events will be uploaded to our website as soon as it is available. For any enquiries, IPA UK can be contacted at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

In an effort to explore new ways to continue providing first-class eduction, IBZ Gimborn is now proud to offer its first online lecture by videocast, in collaboration with Henrik Andershed, Professor of Criminology and Psychology at the Örebro University, Sweden.

In his videocast, Henrik Andershed discusses what to expect in terms of crime development during the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Should we expect some crimes to increase, and others to decrease? Furthermore, Professor Andershed suggests what we can do to prevent an increase in crime during these times of restrictions and isolation in our homes.

Link to the videocast: https://youtu.be/KO0FfvoZ-mk

IBZ Gimborn is currently also working on a webinar series on International Terrorism with 6 international speakers. The plan is to offer one session of around 40 minutes, plus discussions, per week.

A further webinar series with the police writers around David Lewis (Section UK), as well as a German webinar on retirement are also in the pipeline.

IBZ Gimborn hope that there will be a large uptake of this new service offered and look forward to seeing everyone in person in its beautiful castle, once IBZ Gimborn is open again.